Refinance Transaction

Title Insurance Premium
New Mortgage Amount:
Prior Mortgage(s) Original Amount(s) to be paid off on closing :
Searching Fees
1- County Search & Examination $ 100.00
2- Upper Courts Search 1
3- Patriot Name Search 1
4- Municipal Tax & Assessment Search $ 30.00
5- Tideland Search2
6- Flood Search
Closing Fees
1- Settlement Charges/Closing Fee
2- Electronic Download of Closing Package $ 50.00
3- Closing Service Letter $ 75.00
4- ALTA Endorsements 3 $ 25.00 each
5- Overnight Courier Fees
Recording Fees
1- Mortgage
2- Discharge of prior Mortgage (s) 4 $75.00 per mortgage
3- Subordination of Mortgage   $40.00 first page/$10.00 each additional page
4- Document Handling Fee $5.00
5- Notice of Settlement $25.00
6- Deed   $40.00 first page/$10.00 each additional page
7- Recording Surcharge for Homeless Fund Trust Act5
1- Required for each person in title. Maiden name search required if vested owner is married less than 20 years.
2- Not required for properties located in Hunterdon, Warren, Sussex, or Morris Counties.
3- 8.1,9, & No Survey, Survey endorsements are required in most refinance transactions.
4- Discharge fee is only incurred if your prior lender doesn't forward the discharge to the county clerk's office. Generally, the fee is included on the mortgage pay-off statement.
5- Required for certain recorded documents in the following counties: Bergen, Hudson, Middlesex, Mercer, Passaic, Union, Somerset and Camden

Disclaimer: The above total charge is an estimate only. Your lender may require additional endorsements or search work which will result in increased title fees. If you would like a more precise quote, please contact Park Avenue Title Agency directly. All title insurance fees and title agency closing fees are regulated by the Department of Banking & Insurance of the State of New Jersey.