You work hard for your loans.... Now let us work hard for you!

We understand the challenges you face each day as a mortgage professional. Battling underwriting issues, getting your loans processed quickly, putting out fires while still trying to keep your clients happy is a tough juggling act. So when others are making your life harder, we strive to make the title/closing end of the transaction smooth, seamless and stress-free for you and your clients. Here’s our promise to you:

  • Friendly Staff To Serve You- During business hours, we always answer the phone so you’re never directed to voice mail. You deserve answers immediately and you’ll get them.

  • Fast turn-around on title requests- 48 hours on refi’s and 72 hours on purchases. If you need it sooner, we’ll make it happen

  • Problem Prevention- We’re proactive in anticipating and solving problems BEFORE they become magnified into deal-destroying issues. We let you know immediately about ANY title problems that could adversely affect your transaction such as:

    • Judgments against your borrower(s)
    • Old mortgages that were never discharged
    • Tax liens
    • Title vesting issues

Saving You Time

Your focus should be on generating new loans, building and maintaining relationships with referral partners and servicing existing clients. Dealing with every little title issue or question redirects your efforts away from these revenue producing activities. We are dedicated to protecting your time by dealing directly with your processors and clients to:

  • Obtain mortgage pay-offs
  • Order subordination agreements
  • Clear title issues
  • Update HomeOwner’s insurance information
  • Answer client questions regarding title and closing fees

Smooth & Convenient Closings For Your Clients

We know how important the closing is as a final impression. There are certain processes we put in place to guarantee that impression will be a great one.

  • Pre-Closing Consultation- We review the HUD with your client PRIOR to closing. This saves you and your client time, aggravation and headaches since all issues are addressed ahead of closing.

  • Convenient Closings- We close on your client’s schedule. Early Mornings, Late Evenings, Weekends… in their home, at their office or in our office is never a problem. We’re flexible and accommodating to each client’s needs and schedules.

  • Experienced Notaries- Our in-house and outside notaries are knowledgeable, seasoned and professional. They put your clients at ease and make them feel thoroughly comfortable at the closing.

  • Closing Gift- We leave each client with a parting gift as a “Thank you” and a token of our appreciation for their business.

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