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Preparing for a successful closing requires cooperation and coordination from all involved parties. During the preparation phase, our highly skilled and experienced escrow professionals review and attend to an incredible amount of details behind the scenes. Since each closing is unique, we treat every client’s needs on a case-by-case basis to ensure the process goes smoothly from beginning to end. All our due diligence and hard work pays off at the time of your closing when you sit down at the closing table with no surprises awaiting you.

Here’s what you can confidently expect from us:


Communication - The Key to On-Time, No-Surprise Closings

Coordinating a stress-free closing that occurs on time and with no surprises requires excellent communication. From your initial contact with us through signing your name on the closing documents, we keep you informed and walk you through every step of the transaction. Throughout the entire process, we will communicate all necessary information to you in a timely manner.

Attention — One, Dedicated Team Member Manages Your Account

There are a lot of details to keep track of as your closing date approaches. Existing mortgage pay-offs need to be obtained, title matters must be cleared, and insurance certifications updated to name a few. When you work with us, you’ll be assigned one dedicated professional who will manage your account. That person will be privy to all details concerning your file and be able to bring you up to date at a moment’s notice.

Consultation — Final Review of the HUD Prior to Closing

Once your bank or lender gives us the “clear to close” notice on your file, several things happen: First, we immediately contact you to schedule the closing date. Then we prepare the closing statement once we receive the loan documents from your lender. Finally, a 15 minute Pre-Closing Consultation is scheduled with you to review the HUD and make sure everything is in order. This important consultation ensures that there will be no surprises at the actual closing and helps us keep our promise of a smooth, seamless, and stress-free closing for you!

Convenience — You Name the Time and Place…We’ll Be There!

We move quickly on your behalf once we receive the “clear to close” notice. However, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way and scheduling the closing is not as easy as it sounds. Your time is limited and valuable and work and family obligations often take precedence. Not a problem. Just tell us a time and place that’s convenient for you and we’ll be there. We can close in your home, place of business, or at your bank’s branch office. Days, evenings, weekends…it doesn’t matter. We’ll make every effort to accommodate you.
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