Respecting Your Time

We’ve heard the stories. You call your realtor’s title agency and get sent straight to voice mail. You wait hours to get title endorsements. You plead for your title policies months after closing. You can’t get immediate answers to your title questions. We understand how frustrating and time consuming these issues can be.


Here’s our promise to you:

  • Your phone calls will be answered by the second ring and you’ll never get voice mail during business hours
  • Your title commitments will be sent to you within 72 hours. If you need it sooner,we’ll make it happen
  • Your title endorsements will be emailed to you within minutes, not hours
  • Your title questions will be answered immediately and solutions will be offered to any title problems so your deals close on schedule
  • Your title policies will be delivered within weeks NOT months of closing (or you’ll receive a notice of why they’re being withheld)

Closings Made Easy

As you know, real estate transactions are time consuming. From contract to closing, you spend a lot of hours on every deal. Many of those hours are on administrative issues, not legal ones. This is where our Attorney Settlement Services can help you. Our staff of seasoned professionals can assist you from pre-closing to post-closing. Our service allows you to focus on what you do best- providing your clients with sound legal advice and representation while we do the rest. We can tailor this service to meet your exact needs. You can have us handle as little or as much as you would like. The decision is yours to make.

10 Biggest Benefits of our Attorney Settlement Services

  Eliminates closing date coordination with all involved parties

  Eliminates HUD preparation and dealing with lender requirements

  Eliminates the need to purchase updated HUD software due to RESPA changes

  Eliminates emailing the HUD to all parties for review and approval

  Eliminates reviewing the closing documents for accuracy

  Eliminates stress if you can't personally attend the closing due to illness,
       vacation or other matters

  Eliminates disbursing lender funds to appropriate parties

  Eliminates post-closing photocopying and over-nighting

  Eliminates Escrow Account Reconciliation

  Eliminates many administrative tasks to save you time and increase your productivity

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